Deconsolidation with Nested Handling Units


This blog is written to explain how to conduct deconsolidation of Nested Handling units in an EWM environment. The blog will primarily focus to understand settings in Decon POSC and to explore possibilities in EWM to have ”HU WT’‘ for lower level HUs if we condense the Higher level HUs for IB03 step.

There can be business case when Products are packed into 2 level, say, Box level and Case level, hence making it as a Nested HU.

And requirement can be to deconsolidate only top level HU, Case level HU, putaway by Box level HU.

The process will incorporate 3 steps.

  1. IB01- Unload
  2. IB02- Deconsolidation( We will check the side effects of keeping IB02 for Nested HU in detail)
  3. IB03- Putaway

Before, proceeding into details, it is recommended to activate to  single Follow on task in below node.

Checking this selection box, system creates 1 Queue for N handling units( 1:N) ratio instead of 1 queue per HU hence making system more faster and this is recommended by SAP also.

–>If no activation, queues are created below. WMTH<HANDLING UNIT>, if the quantum of handling units is large, queue processing will be slow and hence system performance will be compromised.

–>If check box is enabled, system created 1 queue per N HU, and queue is written as below, hence making system more faster.

Now, coming to main point, how deconsolidation with Nested HU can be performed with IB01, IB02 and IB03 steps.

Case I: When IB02 is enabled with Product WT.

Considering the Pack spec is created like below

   1 Box= 5 EA

       1 Case= 10 Boxes= 50 EA

Inbound delivery with  Automatic Packin, nested HUS are created. Top HUs Case level HU with 7 series and Box level Sub HUs with 8 series number range.

Now, moment Unload IB01 task is created and confirmed, system directly creates WT for IB03 first and then IB02. 

The final Product WT Task in waiting status ”B” is created  before the Decon step, hence we lost the scope  to putaway HU by Box level HU, HU WT is not created.

After Decon step,  Case level HU closure, we are just  Final Product WT which is not desired. Hence Decon step IB02 failed here in case of nested HU

Case-II: IB01 is enabled with Product WT.

Enabling IB01 settings with Product WT, system first creates WT for IB03 and then for IB01.

Once again the final task are product Warehouse task which we did not intend to work on, system should condense the Top level HU and allow final task with Sub level HU.

Closure of HU at decon station and we are with below task, final task are open but with Product WT.

Looks this set up IB02 decon with POSC mixing with Nested HU will not work, I even tried to have HU type check in final storage type. Again this also did not work as in programming for IB03, system ignores the HU type check.

SAP document suggest that if NO deconsolidation is required, then it is possible to create HU WT, which implicitly implies, IB02 should not be contained in POSC step.


With all the above proofs submitted, it looks for Deconsolidation, system always creates the Product WT at IB03 step . I would be quite happy and eager to learn if anybody had achieved this feet using IB02 and IB03, the final task to be as HU WT. Atleast I cannot achieve this.

How to achieve final task as HU task for Nested HUs?

Looks this can be achieved not by Deconsolidation( IB02) but with Packing (IPK1) as an external step. Hence POSC incorporates IB01, IPK1 and IB03.

Confirm the complex unloading HU WT and system creates task for IPK1 which is Packing, HU Warehouse task finally :).  HU is nested

Confirm the IPK1 HU WT and condense the Higher level HU 70010000072, system created final IB03 Task as HU task which we were trying to achieve.

Putaway the HU.

Stock updated in Monitor as Box level HU which we were eyeing.

Thanks for going through it, appreciate feedback and corrections if required for this blog.

Shailesh Mishra