Installing Visual Studio Code and Configuring SAP Extensions in Visual Studio Code


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Hope everyone doing well. This Blogs will helps you in installing Visual Studio Code and configuring SAP Extensions in Visual Studio Code.

Before installing Visual Studio Code, we need to have basic requirements like OS version, RAM and other details. Refer below for requirements

Now, let us install Visual Studio Code downloaded from the Visual Studio Code site using below path. (Preferable to download latest version)

Click on the downloaded Visual Studio executable file

Accept the agreement and Click on Next

Make sure Add to Path has checked and click on Next

Click on Install

Preparing to install

During installation process

On successful installation, we can see below screen. Check Launch Visual Studio Code and click on Finish.

We can see the initial screen of Visual Studio Code.

To install SAP Extensions (SAP Fiori Tools) in Visual Studio Code. Go to Extensions Tab

and search for “SAP SE” which are provided by SAP. Choose “SAP Fiori tools – Extensions Pack” which are pack of

  • SAP Fiori tools – Application Modeler
  • SAP Fiori tools – Guided Development
  • SAP Fiori tools – Service Modeler
  • SAP Fiori tools – XML Annotation Language Server

In addition, we should also install XML Toolkit and Application Wizard from SAP OSS and SAP OS publishers, which are helpful in creating SAP Fiori Apps.

Install XML Toolkit

Install Application Wizard

We can also install other extensions like SAP Cloud Mobile Services extension from SAP in the same way.

We can view the installed extensions in Visual Studio Code as below

Conclusion : In this blog post, we have installed Visual Studio Code and provided set up for SAP Fiori apps through Visual Studio Code using SAP Fiori Tools

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Sai Nithesh Gajula