Weekly Mission & Badge Roundup: June 15 – June 21, 2020

As I shared in the first installment of this blog post series, I publish a weekly shout-out to Community members who have earned a mission the week prior. The list covers all missions earned Monday through Sunday (midnight to midnight, UTC).

We have another Grand Master Blogger badge in this week’s roundup! Congratulations go to Tammy Powlas, who also received the SAP Community Fireball 2020 badge for participating in the community 30 days in a row. It’s clear that Tammy is a tireless contributor. Follow her to keep an eye out for more posts like this one about SAP Online Track.

Two other members earned the Fireball badge as well: Gregor Wolf and Mahesh Kumar Palavalli. Want to know more about this mission and the SAP Community Fan mission? Read Meet the Streakers. You Can Be One Too!

The SAP Community Coding Challenge II came to an end recently, with Huseyin Dereli being crowned the challenge winner. You can read more about the SAP Community Coding Challenge in this blog post by Thomas Jung: SAP Community Coding Challenge Series.

Note: The number of members who earned the Random Day surprise badge last week (and no other badges) is quite large, so I will be writing about those members separately later this week.

Want to see all of the missions that are available for you to complete, as well as the ones you have already earned? Visit the Missions section in your profile. Want to know more about SAP Community missions and how to earn them? See the Missions and Badges Overview page.

Now join me in congratulating the following Community members who completed missions and earned badges last week!

Members who completed missions and earned badges from June 15 – June 21, 2020: