How to extend messages of SAP Document Compliance

As there is now a Cloud Platform Mission for the implementation of Peppol in Germany with SAP Document Compliance, this blogs links a few resources on how to extend Peppol messages.

It’s work on progress. For a start, let’s mention the following.

  • How to attach PDF into the XML created by SAP Document Compliance, a forum record by Colin Blöcher in the Jam group for SAP Document Compliance – Italy (Jam Login required. this can be requested at – please use the e-mail address of your S-User). While the article expalins the implementation for FatturaPA, the approach described applies to Peppol messages as well. Just replace FatturaaPA attachment tags by Peppol’s UBL ones.

If you known of an interesting article or link that is missing, please contact me or comment below.

For further information on SAP Document Compliance go to the related Community page.