Content Transport arrives to SAP Cloud Platform Portal (on Multi-Cloud)

I’m happy to update that with the recent SAP Cloud Platform update, we have enhanced the portal functionality on SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud environment with the option to export & import site content.

The process is quite straight forward (and these are good news!), export content from the source account and import to the target account.

1. Export the content package from the source account 2. Click on the Import button in the target account. 3. Select the content package and  import.

Important aspects to remembers:

  • Before importing the content to the target account, ensure that you have subscribed all the content packages, similar to your source account.
  • Note that the portal content (tiles, catalogs, groups) is cross site content, so any content important can affect multiple sites.
  • Take special attention before overwriting your site & content (just ensure you are doing the right thing, as this is a non-reversable activity).

Are we complete? No! Additional enhancements are in the pipeline which will allow you to transport content on a more granular level, integrate with Lifecycle Management tools such as the Transport Management Service and more.

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