Cleaning up my AdT-Report-Template (get rid of empty lines)

So CleanAbap is a thing, right and you have to start somewhere.
An very easy way for a quick win is getting rid of empty lines

Once I did that, it now relay pains me, when I see to much space in code.

That also happend, when I saw the code of my AdT-Report Template here: .

I took it as a chance to clean it up.
As a first step, i only delete empty lines (I even resisted the temptation to delete comments or move a lonely “).” up one line. )

So her is how it looks now:

*REPORT generic Types: gty_data type ${my_table} , gty_tab_data TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF gty_data . *data, solely for select-options. data: gso_${my_table} type ${my_table}. *Sel-Screen: SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK sel_opt WITH FRAME TITLE text-t01. SELECT-Options: so_${my_table_field} for gso_${my_table}-${my_table_field}. SELECTION-SCREEN END OF BLOCK sel_opt. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK mode WITH FRAME TITLE text-t02. PARAMETERS: pa_disp TYPE flag RADIOBUTTON GROUP mode DEFAULT 'X', pa_proc TYPE flag RADIOBUTTON GROUP mode. SELECTION-SCREEN END OF BLOCK mode. CLASS lcl_report DEFINITION. PUBLIC SECTION. class-METHODS: init. METHODS: get_data CHANGING ct_data TYPE gty_tab_data, display_data CHANGING ct_data TYPE gty_tab_data, process_data IMPORTING it_data TYPE gty_tab_data. ENDCLASS. "lcl_report DEFINITION CLASS lcl_report IMPLEMENTATION. METHOD process_data. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <data> LIKE LINE OF it_data. CHECK it_data IS NOT INITIAL. LOOP AT it_data ASSIGNING <data>. *do something ENDLOOP. ENDMETHOD. "process_data METHOD display_data. DATA: lr_alv TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table. DATA: lr_functions TYPE REF TO cl_salv_functions_list, lr_layout TYPE REF TO cl_salv_layout, ls_key TYPE salv_s_layout_key. TRY. CALL METHOD cl_salv_table=>factory EXPORTING list_display = if_salv_c_bool_sap=>false IMPORTING r_salv_table = lr_alv CHANGING t_table = ct_data. ##NO_HANDLER. CATCH cx_salv_msg . ENDTRY. lr_layout = lr_alv->get_layout( ). ls_key-report = sy-repid. lr_layout->set_key( ls_key ). lr_layout->set_default( abap_true ). lr_layout->set_save_restriction( if_salv_c_layout=>restrict_none ). lr_functions = lr_alv->get_functions( ). lr_functions->set_all( abap_true ). CALL METHOD lr_alv->display. ENDMETHOD. "display_data METHOD get_data. select * from ${my_table} into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF table ct_data UP TO 500 ROWS where ${my_table_field} in so_${my_table_field} . ENDMETHOD. method init. DATA: lt_data TYPE gty_tab_data, lo_report TYPE REF TO lcl_report. CREATE OBJECT lo_report. lo_report->get_data( CHANGING ct_data = lt_data ). check lt_data is not initial. CASE abap_true. WHEN pa_disp. lo_report->display_data( changing ct_data = lt_data ). WHEN pa_proc. lo_report->process_data( EXPORTING it_data = lt_data ). ENDCASE. endmethod. ENDCLASS. "lcl_report IMPLEMENTATION START-OF-SELECTION. lcl_report=>init( ).

Compare the code blocks in the thwo blog entries: way better here, isn’t it?

ToDo: I’ll probably do some more (comments, writing stuff more compact…) but for now I’ll leave this here.