You Asked, We Answered: Managing Your Ariba Network Account and Customer Relationships

Last spring, we hosted our Supplier Digital Summit for North American Suppliers. We were excited to have so many suppliers join us, and ask questions on various topics related to their Ariba Network membership.

We’ve started a blog series based on the most frequently asked questions, organized by theme. The first post for this series is on Managing Your Account and Customer Relationships

Below are some of the questions you asked us, and our answers to your questions:

Q: What are the main differences between the Standard account and Enterprise account?

  • With the Standard account, you are able to conduct business on Ariba Network with basic functionalities. For example, you can receive POs, send invoices, and have visibility over invoice and payment statuses. If you need more capabilities, the Enterprise account can unlock advanced benefits for you. These advanced benefits include being able to handle all your POs and invoices in one place, pull reports in real time, and improve cashflow forecasts.
  • These two videos can provide you with an overview of the Standard account and Enterprise account. To read up on more information, visit our Accounts and Pricing

Q: How can I establish parent-child account relationships?

  • To establish account hierarchy for your linked accounts, follow the instructions in this video.

Q: How does the billing work?

  • Standard account users are able to transact for free on Ariba Network.
  • If you are an enterprise account user, you can transact for free up to $50,000 USD and 5 documents in business volume. Once those thresholds are reached, a subscription would be initiated. If you received an invoice, it means that you’ve crossed the transaction volume and value thresholds in any one customer relationship. Watch this video for an understanding of your fees breakdown.

Q: How can I set up multiple users on the same account?

  • If you are the account administrator, you could add users to the same account via the instructions here.

Q: Can I update my profile after I register?

  • You can update your profile information at any time once you log into your supplier portal. Check out this video for tips on building a robust company profile.

Q: How can I customize my homepage settings?

  • Discover the different ways you could personalize your supplier portal and transaction workbench in this video.

Q: How can I generate reports to break down the fees incurred between different branches/divisions?

  • Login to your account, go to “Settings” and select “Service Subscriptions”. Once you’re on this page, you will see the outstanding fees for the account. If your branches have their own ANIDs, you can login to those accounts and repeat the process.

Q: Can we get earlier email reminders about our security certificates expiring? Right now, I only get one week of notice.

  • Normally, users should receive a series of email reminders about their security certificate updates 60, 30, and 5 days prior to the expiration date. Please check to see if you have the right email address listed in your account to receive notifications from Ariba Network. As well, ensure you have opted in to receive notifications and that our support email is whitelisted.

Q: How can I connect SAP Ariba solutions to our own ERP? I’m looking to transfer POs seamlessly.

  • The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway can help you connect your back-end infrastructure with cloud-based applications seamlessly. Learn how to enable the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway here or read through the overview guide here.

Q: How can I access training and best practices?

  • To help suppliers get the most out of doing business on Ariba Network, we create enablement content all year round. For the most up-to-date expert advice, tips, and best practices, we want to introduce two mediums to you.
  • Launchpad series: These short videos focus on informing you about the newest solution and supplier portal updates, account management, and benefits of solution features. Check the series often for new videos!
  • SAP Ariba Supplier Digital Summit: Started in 2019, the SAP Ariba Supplier Digital Summit is an annual event that brings best practices, industry expert insights, and the latest innovations to you online. If you couldn’t attend live, you can replay available content from our archive once you’ve registered.

Managing customer relationships

Q: How are customer relationships established?

  • Customer relationships are established when you receive collaboration requests from buyers.

Q: What could we do to get more leads and make it easier for prospective clients to find us?

  • Building a robust profile on Ariba Network could help customers find you more easily. For example, you could optimize your company keywords and use better search terms for your products and services. This video covers useful tips to help you update your Ariba Network profile.
  • SAP Ariba Discovery could bring you more quality business leads by matching you with buyers who are looking for products or services you are able to fulfill. To help global businesses continue running at their best, we’re waiving the fee for suppliers to respond to SAP Ariba Discovery posts until June 30, 2020. Use the promo code SAPARIBA2020 to activate this offer when responding to your matched leads. Read more about SAP Ariba Discovery here and access additional resources here.

Q: Why can’t customers can’t find me even when I’ve given them my ANID?

  • Sometimes, a profile could be set to private and will not be visible to other users on Ariba Network. Please check your company settings with the following steps:
    • Sign in to your account
    • Click on the “gear icon”
    • Click on “company profile”
    • Click on “profile visibility settings”

Q: How will I get notified when customers submit new information? Do I need an invitation to view documents, such as new POs?

  • There will be an email notification when your customer submits new documents and you can view your POs in the supplier portal.
  • If you have an enterprise account on Ariba Network, you can log into your supplier portal to see all of your purchase orders and invoices. The SAP Ariba Supplier Mobile app also gives you the same capability.

Q: How can I get integrated with my customers all at once?

Q: How can I become a preferred supplier for my customers?

Buyers on Ariba Network could pick suppliers they have strong working relationships with as their preferred suppliers. It is a buyer-driven action.