Passing all the List of value (ALL) from the Drop Down in SAP analytics Designer

Hi All, Writing the blog post to explain how to add the ALL value in the Drop down in the SAP analytics Designer

To do this we need to follow the below step.

Step 1 : Add a new drop down on the canvas

Add a default one LOV for the drop down.

Step 2:  We need to create a Script variable


step 3: We have to write the following script on Initialization

var res = Chart.getDataSource().getResultSet();


for( var i=0; i<res.length; i++) {

prod_drop_dyn_array[i]= res[i][“prod1”].id;



Step 4:

Now on the Dropdown on select function we have to write the below scripts

Var dropdownprod_Selectedkey = Dropdown_prod.getSelectedKey();

for( var i=0; i< prod_drop_dyn_array.length; i++) {



if (dropdownprod_Selectedkey ===”all”){

var res = Chart.getDataSource().getResultSet();

for(  i=0; i<res.length; i++) {

prod_drop_dyn_array[i]= res[i][“prod1”].id;

}} else {

prod_drop_dyn_array[0] = dropdownprod_Selectedkey;}

So in the script variable (prod_drop_dyn_array) we have exact LOV.

We can use above variable to filter table and chart in the application at run time.


Saurabh S.