IBM SAP Supply Chain Resiliency Solution for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how companies plan supply chain networks
– Sudden sprouted demand requiring urgent coverage
– Market shifting on a weekly basis
– Price eroding at a steady pace
– Sporadic suppliers with restricted capabilities
– Product lead-times changing multiple times within the ordering cycle
– Reduced workforce

The pandemic is exposing vulnerability and forcing companies to think differently, unconventionally. With entire populations isolating and quarantining, enhanced visibility across the end-to-end supply chain is imperative to adapt and thrive in the current market environment.

IBM SAP Supply Chain Resiliency Solution for COVID-19:
Pre-configured SAP IBP solution to enable supply chain simulations with predictive financial planning for critical decision making

IBM Solution Functionality:
– Simulation-based what-if analysis by industry
– Scenario Planning Enablement
– Simulate demand shift, inventory impact, production capacity, and best transportation network
– Workforce planning estimates

Value Proposition and Outcome
– Quickly ascertain effective net demand and variabilities, corresponding supply and replenishment options.
– Intelligent control tower analytics to monitor and manage decisions and execution across the entire network.
– Improvement in deliveries (15%), Days on-hand inventory (10%); Asset utilization (5%), Reduction in stock-outs (25%), and more.

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