SAP Commissions [Rest API] > Part 2 – Assign Role to user

Hi All,

In this blog, you will come to know how to assign a role to the user with continuation from my previous blog of Part 1

Part 1:  How to create RestAPI role from SAP Commissions Portal

Part 2:  How to assign RestAPI role to a user 

Part 3:  SAP Commission API Documentation Portal (Coming Soon) 

Part 4:  How to call RestAPI v2 through Postman  (Coming Soon) 

Below are the pre-requisites for assigning a role to a user

Step 1:  After you login successfully, Home Page will be landed…  Click on User Administration

Step 2:  Click on Add Internal User ( as shown below )

Step 3:  Enter your login id in the User ID text field and click Add 

Step 4: you can click User ( left panel) and you can see the user information

Step 5: Click on Add Assigned Roles

Step 6: Select Permission type and Action for the role created from Part 1

Select from the drop-down

  • Application > Portal
  • Role >  RestAPI

Step 7: Once Saved, you will receive Added Successfully

Step 8: you can see Role is added to a user

Conclusion:   To make any Rest API Calls, the user must have an API role in order to authenticate