Standalone Retrofit SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Configuration

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In this blog we will discuss the configuration of Standalone Retrofit for SAP Solution Manager 7.2.


I work as an SAP Basis consultant and have quite insight for SOLMAN 7.2 as well.

Recently I implemented Standalone retrofit.

Let me briefly describe the same with the help of  diagram.

All customers who have Dual SAP System Landscape (Maintenance landscape & Implementation Landscape) have the challenge to ensure that they synchronize the maintenance changes from Maintenance Landscape with the implementation landscape.

So our retrofit will work between Maintenance and Project DEV systems.


Now lets start-up with configuration of standalone retrofit.

Login to Solution Manager and complete below activities.

SOLMAN_SETUP -> Change Control Management -> Change Request Management > Step Perform Basic Setup (all activities of all sub-steps)

SOLMAN_SETUP -> Change Control Management ->Change Request Management > Step Set Up Downgrade Protection and Retrofit (all activities of all sub-steps): Configure CSOL for the development system of the implementation landscape

Complete all the above steps with guided procedure as described.

Activate standalone retrofit parameter in your Solution Manager 7.2


Activate BAdI in both DEV’s ( Maintenance and project Landscape )

1.In the managed system, call transaction SE19.

2.In the Edit Implementation screen area, choose option Classic BAdI.

3.Enter implementation name RETRO_STANDALONE.

4.Choose Change.

5.On the Change Implementation screen, choose the Activate icon

 Configure Solution Landscape for our maintenance environment.


  1. Login to Solution Manager – Tcode SLAN
  2. Choose Create Solution.
  3. Enter the required information.
  4. Assign the relevant data to your solution.
  5. Save your entries.

It will look something like above.

Create Domain Link

Create domain link between DEV of Maintenance and DEV of project Landscape so that both can communicate.

  1. Log on to one of the two domain controller systems.
  2. Call transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview  Systems . The system overview appears.
  4. Choose SAP System   Create  Domain Link .

 Create a Phase Cycle for retrofit configuration.

  1. Login to solution manager
  2. Run crm_ui
  3. Select create Cycle
  4. Now select Create Phase Cycle

Fill all the details and click on save.

Now Create Task for Phase Cycle

While creating tasks chose your transport track and include your retrofit system in the track.

It will look something like below:


All the configurations are now completed.

You can access your retrofit tasks and cycle directly from SOLUTION Manager.

Login into SOLMAN – > Run tcode solman_workcenter -> Select
Change Management -> Administration

Please do let me know how you find this blog.

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