Visually See ProcessDirect Call Dependency for CPI Flows

ProcessDirect adapter enables the modularization of your integration packages. Flows can call each other creating n:m relationships. Basically, they form a graph. I thought it would be fun and useful to actually see this graph.

First, you should install SuperEasy Browser Extension for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. You can find the links below.

Open SuperEasy page:

Start the process by clicking the button:

It’s processing…

And then you can see the graph! When you click on a node(flow) you will see the flow details:

Let’s have a look at a standard SAP flow: “Route Idocs From ERP To SAP Commerce Cloud” in the package “SAP Commerce Cloud Integration with SAP ERP”

You can see this flow leverages ProcessDirect adapter nicely:

This flow should have many outgoing arrows! It is our popular green node in the graph. When we click on the circle we can see its details and ProcessDirect configuration:

Flows in the same packages have the same color. If you have more than 9 packages that have flows with ProcessDirect calls, they can share colors. Finding good distinctive colors is a hard problem.

Currently, configure-only packages are not analyzed.

Nodes which are not connected can mean:

  • Sender adapter is used and there are no incoming ProcessDirect calls to this flow.
  • Sender adapter is used and other flows call it with Dynamic address using Camel simple script. For example ${header.address} . Usual suspects are flows which have an outgoing connection to the “Dynamic Node”
  • There is a bug regarding old packages 🙂

There are three special gray nodes in the graph:

Empty Node

Shows that the receiver adapter address is empty and should be configured. You probably don’t want flows connecting with this node.

Not-found Node

Shows that there is no flow with the sender adapter configured with the address. Again, you probably don’t want flows connecting with this node.

Dynamic Node

Shows that a Camel simple script is used for the receiver adapter. Based on your development decisions this node can have many connections!

Microsoft Edge(Chromium-based) Extension Install:

PS: You can drag them around for fun!