Using Job Scheduler in SAP Cloud Platform [5]: Long-Running (Async) Jobs

This tutorial is part of a little series about SAP Cloud Platform Job Scheduler

In previous tutorials, we’ve learned how to configure Jobscheduler and how to write apps which are protected with OAuth 2.0

Basically, what we’ve done was to create a web app with a REST endpoint and ask Jobscheduler to call that endpoint.
That endpoint hopefully returns a success response and Jobscheduler is happy to mark the jobrun with green letters

With other words:
Jobscheduler WAITS for the response.
It is like a patient cab driver…. but his patience is not endless:
To be concrete: patience ends after 15 seconds

Jobscheduler has a timeout: 15 seconds

But what can we do, if we have operations that require more time?

In this blog, let’s discuss an important scenario: Long running jobs
They are required in scenarios like e.g. data replication running overnight, etc

. . .

Now, writing such a blog is also a long-running operation…. so please give me some more time and don’t wait for me, just check back after some time (note that this is NOT the behavior of Jobscheduler….)

See you soon 😉