SAP Cloud Platform – New monthly balance statement

Until March 2020 billing period: Monthly balance statement and invoice in one document

SAP provides the monthly consumption on a balance statement that reports the usage of the services on the Global Account. This balance statement functions also as an invoice for any overage amount.

Example of the current monthly balance statement

SAP separates the Balance Statement and the invoice, because for most of the customer these documents are processed in different business processes and by different contacts.

  • The balance statement is sent to the same contact as the combined balance statement before. The customer contact person is either defined in the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) or nominated by the customer. This statement is sent every month and in all cases: no usage, usage covered by the cloud credits or overage usage.
  • The invoice is sent to the invoice recipient, as the customer has assigned for the SAP invoices. The invoice comes on the standard SAP invoice format and is provided only if an overage appears within the billing period. In contrast to the situation before, invoices with a zero value will not be sent anymore.

Example of the new monthly balance statement

Example of the new invoice for overage