Linux Part 24: Linux and ASUS compatibility probably with some issues

Hi dears,

This is the part 1 of the Main Linux Agenda to become a SAP Consultant expert enjoying Linux features in our machines or laptops.

In the next story i share you my experience with “maybe” some technical issues working with linux in one ASUS laptop, and that don’t let me enjoy it totaly, in advance is important to say that i love linux and asus but i would like to improve this kind of situations with the help that you could offer me, after one blog that you have read identifying the help that i need.

Note 1: i dont remember specific situations or dates, but i will try to specify until my memory let me do it.

I say “maybe” in the introduction part, because maybe im doing something that is not correct, and maybe you can find the solution or configuration required for this scenarios that i have months with them.

Note 2: it is important to highlight that this issue apears first using windows and im going to explain the critical history to be more transparent in the context.

But this is a valuable experience that i want to share to let you know the complete context using linux for my 24 blog posts…


  1. Computer Details
  2. List of issues that i think i have
  3. Story 1: incompatibility of linux distributions with my computer
  4. Story 2: i cannot lock my linux, because it locks eternatelly
  5. Extra information
  6. Conclusion

Computer Details


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List of issues that i think i have

1. Critical: incompatibility of linux distributions with my computer

i. Symptom: i cannot install last distributions of linux, like: Fedora 30, ubuntu, Suse, just for give an example. Because after the installation process, because when the operating system seems to work correctly the computer shutdown without any reason.

ii. Reason: the hardware seems that don’t support this Operating Systems (some distributions) and after few minutes get down automatically.

2. Critical: i cannot lock my linux, because it locks eternatelly.

a) Symptom 1: when i lock my computer beacause i need to go to eat out my office, and after one hour, i found that my computer is locked completely i cannot access via my user/passowrd, the unique solution is tu restart…

b) Symptom 2: Other similar issue: when i lock my computer just for few minutes and after i would like to initiate the desktop, the computer is locked and i need to restart completely. This is not common.

c) Reason: i don’t have any idea, maybe the light locker has an issue, but i don’t identify another reason.

3. Critical: when i turn off the O.S., sometimes linux get restarted automatically

a) Symptom 1: when i turn off the O.S., sometimes linux says that is turnning off al the services and the complete operating system, but if i check the ASUS led near of power button, i see that the O.S., is restarting the system again.

b) Symptom 2: when i try turn off the computer, this is achieved after 1, 2 or 3 restarts or 1, 2 or 3 intents to turn off. So i need to wait when my computer is in turn off mode.

c) Reason: for me is a bug because i click on directly in turn off button.

Note: i’m not going to document a story for this, because this is a simple issue.

Story 1: incompatibility of linux distributions with my computer:

1. I bought an asus with a provider of ASUS, and this was set with Windows, after one month each hour the computer get down and i was losing each information per recurrency.

2. When i contacted to ASUS directly i request the help to solve a hardware issue, specifically my intuition was that i had an issue with the mother board or with the disk.

3. After more or less 7 month and 3 or 4 times that i request a support service, ASUS never found the issue and they said that the disk of 250 GB was in perfect conditions. They justify the situation saying that they are not responsible if windows fail.

So i tried to solve by my self because the diagnosys was that my hardware was working perfectly and maybe is an issue with windows (but is just an assumption, so my adventure to find the solution continues)..

4. After this situation, my love with linux and ASUS started because i decided to try with Fedora 29. This was a great solution, because my computer never failed, i didn’t have any issue.

5. But Fedora 30 appears in my update software manager, i search information about the new version, and i was motivated with new improvements proposed by linux, but after i installed started again my issues with my computer. All issues were similar to windows issues in my case, so i tried to monitor issues with standard software of linux with any good results.

6. After that, i installed a new kernel version in my BIOS of my computer this improved a lot the functionality of my computer with fedora 30 but was not sufficient.

7. After this i bought a disk hardware with 1 TB of KINGSTON brand, i installed the new hardware in my computer and this motivate new situations, but my issue was not solve again and i confirmed in part that the disk (this specific hardware) is not the issue. As ASUS said

8. I decided to install ubuntu because i was not able to install fedora 29 again (i didn’t find the installer of this version so after install fedora), i return again with the critical issues, the computer turn off automatically each 1 minute, so this was not great, then i tried with windows, and this issue was the same like in ubuntu. So fortunatelly i had the image of linux mint and with few seconds i had the opportunity to reinstall linux mint and all return to the magic of fedora 29.

9. After few weeks or months i tried to install new distributions like suse and a lot of more, but this did not works correctly; so i decided to return to linux mint.

I tried to install another distribution, because for example, fedora is different, i love different things…

Story 2: i cannot lock my linux, because it locks eternatelly

1. When i need to lock my computer in few minutes this works correctly, but if i go to the lunch time (1 hour) becase i need to leave my computer locked in my office, i comeback and i cannot start again my session. This is eternatelly locked and the solution is to restart loosing my information.

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image Reference (is just illustrative image):

2. I tried a lot of configurations, but i found a main configuration that could be the responsible of this, but after i tried to deactivate or to activate this, and tried to different days, this dont works, and i still with the issue.

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Extra information:

I don’t know if the following logs can complement but i share it. I don’t have more logs, because at this moment i have no more software that i had with fedora.

System / Registers:

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Part 1:

15:33:02 systemd: Started Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown.

15:33:02 apparmor: * Starting AppArmor profiles

15:33:02 systemd: Started Tell Plymouth To Write Out Runtime Data.

15:33:02 systemd-fsck: /dev/nvme0n1p1: 12 files, 1558/130812 clusters

15:33:02 systemd: Started File System Check Daemon to report status.

15:33:01 kernel: dw-apb-uart.2: ttyS4 at MMIO 0xef232000 (irq = 20, base_baud = 115200) is a 16550A

15:33:01 systemd: Reached target Sound Card.

15:33:01 kernel: input: HDA Intel PCH HDMI/DP,pcm=10 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.3/sound/card0/input26

15:33:01 systemd-udevd: link_config: autonegotiation is unset or enabled, the speed and duplex are not writable.

15:33:01 kernel: iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0 wlp1s0: renamed from wlan0

Part 2:

15:33:02 wpa_supplicant: Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant

15:33:02 sensors: temp1:       +27.5°C

15:33:02 systemd: Started Restore /etc/resolv.conf if the system crashed before the ppp link was shut down.

15:33:02 dbus-daemon: [system] Activating via systemd: service name=’org.freedesktop.hostname1′ unit=’dbus-org.freedesktop.hostname1.service’ requested by ‘:1.3’ (uid=0 pid=956 comm=”/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd ” label=”unconfined”)

15:33:02 systemd: Started Detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes.

15:33:02 thermald: sysfs read failed constraint_0_max_power_uw


I tried a lot of configurations via command line and via graphical configurations, but after learning a lot how to manage linux, i cannot solve this critical issues.

After a lot disk diagnostics, and other tools, all mentioned that was succesfully the result, just one time after a lot months with Fedora mentioned an issue with the disk (disk diagnostic tool), but i din’t found the solution… Now with mint i cannot monitor logs of the operation systems like Fedora.

If i solve this, i can confirm myself as technology consultant expert in SAP LoL, that this is the best operating system for SAP Consultants. Even the last issue that i have now a days is a software that is limited in linux that we called: SAP Logon. But this situation has a workarround so is not critical.

Thank you !…

Thank you for your attention and if you have more information to complement this knowledge, please share it into the commentaries section!!!…

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