Hi dears,

This is the part 1 of the Main Linux Agenda to become a SAP Consultant expert enjoying Linux features in our machines or laptops.

Context: for SAP consultants this is an important topic, because this are the complementary tools that we need in our operating systems, so in this real example i show you how to Install SOAPUI that help us to test our web services in many SAP or non SAP technologies.


Now we are going to install SOAPUI for linux:

  1. Yo need to install Java as we showed: Link
  2. Now you can follow next steps to install it: Link
1. Download SOAPUI: 2. Once it is download, chmod 755 3. Then run it: ./
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Second option: i tried the next link but it seems that works but with the process that i shared above that worked: Link

Thank you for your attention and if you have more information to complement this knowledge, please share it into the commentaries section!!!…

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