Esri ArcGIS Pro & SAP HANA – Upload, Visualize and Process Spatial Data

Hexagonal clustering of AirBnB listings in Berlin visualized in Esri ArcGIS Pro

As you may know, Esri ArcGIS Pro integrates with SAP HANA Spatial. In this short video I will demonstrate how to use ArcGIS Pro to

  • connect to SAP HANA,
  • upload listings of AirBnb in Berlin to SAP HANA
  • and push down hexagonal binning using a Query Layer.

More details on how to setup the ODBC connection can be found in Tom Turchioe‘s blog:
Using SAP HANA as a service (HaaS) with Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 and Pro 2.4

To learn more about why Esri and SAP are better together, I recommend reviewing the following resources: