Weekly Mission & Badge Roundup: April 6 – April 12, 2020

As I shared in the first installment of this blog post series, I publish a weekly shout-out to Community members who have earned a mission the week prior. The list covers all missions earned Monday through Sunday (midnight to midnight, UTC).

In this post I’d like to draw your attention to SAP’s Denys van Kempen. Denys earned Master Blogger, and it’s plain to see why; have a look at his most recent series of blog posts:
SAP HANA Cloud: What’s New (and Changed) – System Information
SAP HANA Cloud: What’s New (and Changed) – Manage Services
SAP HANA Cloud: What’s New (and Changed) – Alerts
Congratulations, Denys!

Also, we have another Ripple Effect badge in this week’s roundup. Congratulations go to Fatih Pense. Follow Fatih to keep an eye out for his future posts. Which one earned him that Ripple Effect badge? Faster Groovy Development for SAP CPI without Installing an IDE

And finally, it looks like the busy bees are diligently solving issues for our members again this month. Several members already earned the Diligent Solver badge for April. Congratulations to Michael Piesche, Dominik Tylczynski, and Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy for their dedication to helping others!

Want to see all of the missions that are available for you to complete, as well as the ones you have already earned? Visit the Missions section in your profile. Want to know more about SAP Community missions and how to earn them? See the Missions and Badges Overview page.

Now join me in congratulating the following Community members who completed missions and earned badges last week!

Members who completed missions and earned badges from April 6 – April 12, 2020: