SAP Cloud Platform Print Service (Beta)

Although everybody is talking about paperless businesses for years and today’s business world is undergoing digital transformation, printing is still an essential part of many business processes and is often required for documentation purposes. The SAP Cloud Platform Print service offers you functionality to print documents from the cloud to your local printer as well as lets you monitor the printing status. You can leverage the service in your native application running on the SAP Cloud Platform, use it for side-by-side extensibility with existing SAP Solutions or embed it in your own application offering on SCP.

The service is currently in beta phase and we welcome everybody to try out now. 

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How it works

To be able to print, you have to create at least one print queue. A print queue serves as a temporary storage for the individual print requests (print queue items) and can be connected to one physical printer using the SAP Cloud Print Manager (CPM) installed on the client. The CPM will pull all print queue items from the queue and send it to the printer. For managing the print queues and monitoring the print status, the print service offers a corresponding user interface.

The printer service consists of the following features/individual services:

Manage Print Queue

You can create, change and delete a print queue. It also allows you to pause a print queue (no documents can be pulled from it) and to restart it again.

Manage Print Queue Items

Similar to print queues, you can also manage the individual print queue items. This includes pausing and restarting as well as reassigning a particular print queue item to another print queue.

Public APIs

For each step of managing print queues and print queue items, there are public APIs which you can call accordingly.

Connect SAP Cloud Print Manager

When you have installed the SAP Cloud Print Manager on your local PC, you can connect it with the print service. It will then list all available print queues and you can assign a physical printer to each queue. Once this setup is completed the SAP Cloud Print Manager will run in the background and regularly check for new documents to print and send them to the physical printer.

The following picture shows how the different services are connected:

Getting Started Now

I hope you could get an overview about the SAP Cloud Platform Print service and are eager to try it out yourself. To help you with this you can:

Use SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility Explorer

To speedup your development, there is one sample extensibility scenario for applications. Leveraging this content, you receive documentation and sample codes.

Go to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility Explorer and search for Labeling Printing Sample Scenarios . You can find the sample application that is delivered from SAP, and the documentation guides you to develop your own applications.

Use SAP API Business Hub

There are several public APIs provided by Print service published on SAP API Business Hub. You can search for SAP Cloud Platform Print service to get information about API references, such as operations, parameters, and responses.

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