Get started with ABAP on Cloud using SAP Cloud Platform

μBlog on ABAP on Cloud: A new paradigm in ABAP language to support cloud-based developments.

I believe there are many SAP developers who have come across the term “ABAP on Cloud” or “ABAP in Eclipse or ADT”, but not really sure where to begin and how to get the hands dirty.

To meet the futuristic development needs in S/4Hana, SAP has evolved ABAP Platform with enhanced capabilities, which can fully utilize the power of SAP HANA.

ABAP Platform for S/4Hana 1909 is the latest release by SAP in Sep 2019. (Refer appendix for earlier versions)

SAP has introduced the “ABAP on Cloud” trial solution in the SAP cloud platform.

ABAP on Cloud is built with a completely re-designed architecture based on the RESTful Application Programming(RAP) Model. (Refer Appendix)

SAP GUI is No Longer Supported in Cloud, so Eclipse ADT is the only available development environment for ABAP on Cloud. This also means that SAP Fiori is the only UI platform for Cloud applications.

To kickstart the learning journey, I have consolidated a few essentials links, in the below steps:
(Each link contains the detailed step-by-step guide for the respective process)

Step 0: Install Eclipse IDE and ADT software component

Step 1: Create a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform

Step 2: Create ABAP Instance in SAP Cloud Platform Trial Edition

Step 3: Create ABAP Cloud Project in Eclipse ADT

Step 4: Create a Simple application in ABAP Cloud using CDS views and launch as the Fiori app.

Step 5: Refer to the deep dive session from SAP TechEd 2018 for more extensive scenarios

Appendix :

Get to Know the ABAP RESTful Programming Model

Learn more about the earlier release of ABAP Platform for S/4Hana 1809

Find what’s new in Netweaver AS ABAP 7.51

Get familiar with ABAP 7.4 New syntax

Find more about ABAP Keyword Documentation

I hope this μblog will help to continue your learning journey on “ABAP on Cloud”.

Bharat Bajaj