Note manual step “Implement the ABAP Dictionary correction instructions”

Hi all,

There are some SAP RE-FX notes that you will find this kind of manual step.

“Implement the ABAP Dictionary correction instructions from SAP Note NUMBER (object types DTED, TABD, TABT, and TTYD) for your release (if available) and activate the ABAP Dictionary objects contained there. ”

At note, there are dictionary corrections and code corrections. You can find it at Correction Instructions of note.

Example: SAP_FIN valid from 618 from note  2827276 

There are two lines:
1º Number 678886 where you can find the dictionary correction instructions
2º Number 678887 where you find code corrections.

  • How to identify which is the dictionary correction instructions?

Click at the number column of SAP_FIN line and open. The dictionary correction number should show the information like this:

  • How to proceed with the note implementation?

Go to SNOTE transaction using the SAP note Browser, insert the note number and go to the log menu.

At corrections select the correction instructions according to your version of the system, the image is showing the version 618 example. Select and Run only the dictionary corrections.

After that proceed with the other manual instructions of your note.

I hope the information provided helps you.

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Manuela Valente.