Goods Receipt Optimization- EWM GR Production w/o Delivery in ERP

In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), goods receipt can be posted for  finished products directly from EWM without any reference of ERP inbound delivery for Delivery based Production. This implies confirming manufacturing order for the finished product will not generate any inbound delivery in SAP ERP. The inbound delivery will be generated from the SAP S/4 HANA Embedded EWM with reference to manufacturing and a corresponding inbound delivery is created in ERP.


 To post goods receipt from production,  following options are available for delivery based production.

  •  Model 1:Goods receipt posting triggered by SAP ERP( CO11N,COR6N or any BAPI for confirmation)

  •  Model 2:Goods receipt posting triggered by EWM

 This process Model-2, helps in avoiding duplicate inbound deliveries being generated for a manufacturing order, by activating in configuration indicator GR From EWM Only in SAP ERP.

Model 2 helps in excessive confirmation issues which is triggered by SAP ERP during model 1. Model 2 helps Warehouse user to work independently on manufacturing order as there is no dependency on Production operator till the final execution of manufacturing order.

The ERP warehouse should allow creation of native inbound delivery from EWM.

The ITEM type used in this process is IDPD

  • Create a manufacturing order in ERP in EWM managed sloc.

  •  Create Inbound delivery in EWM.

  • Use drag and drop functionality use to create IBD against manufacturing order.

  • Conduct EWM activity, Packing HU in WC, GR and Putaway via RF.

  • Check the ERP Stock

  • Manufacturing order is also updated

  • PPF is the driving factor for posting GR from EWM and posting goods movement message to ERP

This delivery based production GR model is somewhat analogous to Advance Production Integration which uses EWM system for posting GR and putaway. Both model provides seamless integration to SAP ERP.

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