I am writing this blog post for the FTP connection to the SAP ABAP system. While I was configuring the SAP FTP, I haven’t found complete information in a single blog post, So I am writing this blog post.


  • FTP credentials.
  • SAP GUI credentials with authorization.
  • SAP OS access to check IP ports accessibility.
  • Network basic understanding.


  • Check FTP server IP and network Port.
    • Note down the FTP IP and port provided by FTP/OS team.
    • Telnet FTP server IP on a specific port. The default port is 21.
    • Telnet Syntax (Linux & windows): telnet <IP> <PORT>
  • Check FTP is accessible from SAP system OS.
    • telnet 21

    • Make sure it will connect.
  • Add FTP server entry in SAP Table.
    • Maintain FTP entry in SAP table (SAPFTP_SERVERS_V) using tcode sm30
    • SAPFTP_SERVER_V is a client dependent table. Add entry in those specific clients who are going to connect to FTP.

    • Click on the Maintain button & click on the New Entries button.

    • Add IP address, PORT and Description.

    • After maintaining entry click on the save button.

  • Test FTP connection using SAP standard Program.
    • Execute SAP program rsftp002 using tcode SA38.

    • Click on the execute button and enter details.

    • I am using RFC “SAPFTPA” as FTP is only accessible from the SAP server.
    • If the connection is not successful you get the error like below.

    • or like below.

    • If the connection is successful you will get the output like below.

All screenshots are captured by me.

  • The above procedure will also work for the ABAP systems.
  • Telnet is a very useful tool to check the service port and its accessibility from the target.
  • SAPFTP_SERVERS_V Table is used to store the information about the allowed FTP server.
    • Without entry in this table SAP will not able to establish the connection to the FTP server.
    • If maintain * in this table all FTP servers will be accessible.
  • FTP server by default runs on port 21, If the port is different so maintain that port in SAP_FTP_SERVER_V.
  • Program RSFTP002 is used to test FTP connection and run execute FTP command.
  • There are two RFC that we can use to access FTP.
    • SAPFTP uses frontend/Local computer internet to access the FTP server.
    • SAPFTPA uses backend/SAP server internet to access the FTP server.

Thank you !!!