Part 2: S/4HANA (On-Premise) Data Integration with BW/4HANA via SDI

This is the second blog post on Data Integration via SDI after the Introduction post. Refer to the Part 1 for configuring DP Agent and creation of Remote Source connection and Virtual Table.

Data Modeling in HANA:

1. Create a Calculation View using the Virtual Tables VBAK and VBAP created in Part 1.

2. Drag & drop two Projection Node.

3. To add a table to the Projection Node, click on the green plus symbol as shown in the below image. On the search area, enter the name of the table VBAK & VBAP,. The system will display the list of all database objects which have VBAK & VBAP in their name.

4.Select the necessary fields from VBAK and VBAP tables.

5.Drag & drop Join Node and expand the Join Type section, this opens the drop down where you can select Left Outer Join.

6.Activate the Calculation View.

Data Modeling in BW/4HANA:

1. Select BW Modeling Perspective and Create Composite Provider by selecting your InfoArea–>Right Click–>New–>Composite Provider.

2.In this screen, select all the InfoProviders & SAP HANA Views you want to Join or Union.

3.Right Click on the SAP HANA View and Select Create Assignments or In case you only need specific fields, expand the SAP HANA View tree by clicking on the arrow next to the SAP HANA View name. Then select the fields you want , right-click anywhere in the Source area and select Create Assignments.

4.In the Output tab, we can see all the fields in Composite Provider. Map the InfoObject to the fields.

5.Activate the Composite Provider.

6.Create BEx Query on top of Composite Provider by right clicking on the Composite Provider–>New–>Query.

7.Drag and drop the necessary fields/InfoObject in query panel and save the Query.

8. Run RSRT and verify the Query Output.


In Part 1 of the blog series we have configured the DP Agent and created Remote Source connection. In Part 2 we have created Real Time data flow in BW/4HANA.