A month of shelter-in-place

All events depicted in this blog are entirely my personal views and not of my company. Because I spend (as per my pay-check) 25% of my life (40hrs-week) and actually much more than that, I used this forum to share how I am. Please don’t think anything otherwise.

All drawing are created on ipad using apple pencil by the author himself

It has been interesting to look back on the first month of shelter-in-place. Considering my last post was on the 20th of March, the calculation seems to be off. Actually, I got into self quarantine little earlier to others accidentally. Due to some days having meetings as early as 6am to 11am, didn’t feel like driving to office and then returning around 3:40-4pm to pick up my daughter from aftercare. This meant that I was working from home from 4th of March. Last I went was 11th of March to meet a colleague who just left SAP (to different office)

What has happened since than was an e-mail from our organization that 9th of March there was someone in that different office, come into contact with an infected person. I got what most would refer as the psychological affects. The constant news update, at least 3-4 mails from senior management, created a mental pressure that did I take the necessary precaution. Or did I jeopardize my families health. At the end, after 14 days of quarantine, having no symptoms – kick myself in the butt, to stop feeling stupid and continue to take precautions.

The last blog was about determination, but this blog documents that I have not been able to maintain that same determination. My exercise routine was broken with bouts of headaches which was due to poor insulation of my brain while running in the windy bay area. Now almost after a week of break, I can see no headaches and much better brain activity (aka concentration towards my work). In the mean time also, I got switch to project and switched back – so that while wasted sometime, gave one stability towards upcoming work. Which is both interesting as well as challenging.

Junk Eating

I would say, that I haven’t gotten back to my old habits of eating junk. But yes there has been one time eating home made pizza (little cheese on frozen naan and corn/paneer/onion). Had soda twice, both times half a can. So I need to get back on the horse and again avoid affecting my stomach.


I would be resuming it from today as apple watch also consider week starting of Sunday (or that is the default setting – i guess). Hopefully in the next blog, I would have something to show for all the hardwork/exercise.

Do check out my tennis buddy PK, who is young and super fit, giving some tricks for staying fit at home #LifeAtSAP

Kahoot! or Tambola

The SAP US family has given me two great friends, even though one of them has moved on to a different company after lot of years at SAP. Our spouses got along really well and so the kids. And the group of friends become really good family friends. Every weekend we will in sort-of round-robin fashion host dinner or lunch at each others place. In the past we have had chances to play some really good games – whether it is baby shower or new year party or India republic day celebration – it has been the people who have made the event wonderful.

Lockdown means, no meeting time. No times for kids to play together and no times for family to sit together eat food and play some games. In came the digital world of playing games with family sitting around the ZOOM meeting.

Kahoot! is the first such app we started playing which even with the free version give chance for lot of fun activities. Bollywood (link expire May 2) and Disney princess theme (link expire April 23) we played some really fun games using Zoom. Everyone had a blast.

This weekend all the friends gathered and we played Tambola (Lotto). It is not really like Bingo and in my personal opinion, better and more fun. We had tickets passed to everyone digitally and one of the friends kid used a number generator to say the numbers.

Painting / Sketching

My family is full of artists. My mother carries the gene which has made quite remarkable artists. I would still rate my brother as the best (kind of improving the gene our mother gave him). Checkout my brothers arts.Even my niece (brother’s daughter) is following on family footsteps to be equally awesome.

My daughter is only 6 and imagination for a 6yr old and richness of colors when drawing princess and landscape is something which shows she has the gene. I think patience of being an artist is something which will take some time to come.

So my mother, my brother, my niece and my daughter along with quarantine forced me to try my hands at a habit which last I did in grade 4th or 5th. I don’t think post that I was at all involved in sketching / coloring. It all began with the virtual-cocktail-party hosted on zoom by our manager. Somehow, some of the comments initially got be tongue-tied, so I looked at one person’s background and starting drawing the beach. The experience of drawing on iPad using Apple Pencil was relatively new and this is what was the result of it

Pic 1. Beach

Didn’t turn out to be that bad and it got me hooked over the weekend. This was during the meeting on Friday. Just on Saturday, I managed to draw/sketch the following

Pic 2. Eyes of the tiger

Pic 3 Lady in Rain

Pic 4 Heart Break

Pic 5 Tear and a Kiss

Pic 6 Unbounded

Pic 7 SNAP

Pic 6 got me thinking that I can actually make an attempt to draw people. This was something which I never made attempt in learning and too soon gave up as a kid or should I say had less patience to sit through the process of learning. I see the same with my kid too. I thought how french great artist always see human body as the learning art. While I don’t think it is right to put a naked lady here on my company blog, I managed to create DESIRE – a painting which is a replication of the following art.

As more and more time is spent indoor, we need to find ways to keep us energize. The weather sometimes doesn’t help either with gloomy rainy weekends. But we are all so strong mentally, if not as an individual, as a family. Especially for me, it is my wife, who has managed this change of situation so wonderfully. All I need to do is make cup of tea when she needs and wash the dishes.

See you in two-three weeks…