Enabling automatic document Split for an Outgoing Invoice with 999+ Items while posting an Accounting document

If any outgoing invoice has 999+ items while generating an FI document, the system issues the error message “F5-727 Maximum number of items reached”.

To overcome this issue, we can opt different methods like summarization, Split the documents manually into small documents or activating the split functionality. Summarization and split the document manually has its own limitations to consider and will not be a best practice if the requirement is to automate the solution in an effective way.

If the requirement is to active the document split for the pointing of an FI accounting document that has more than 999+ items, we must follow the below-mentioned notes and implement the changes as mentioned.

SAP note – 1353125

SAP note – 1497092

SAP note – 1670486

SAP note – 2078335

Below are the details on how to activate the BADI outgoing invoice.

Implement the BADI- FI_BILL_ISSUE_SPLIT and update the automatic split variable “X” in the method ACTIVATE_AUTOMATIC_SPLIT.

The Sale order created, which will trigger 999+ items when an accounting document posted. Below is the screenshot of the Sale order document flow, where 3 accounting documents created in a sequential number. Where the splitting of an accounting document triggered.

However, the activation of split functionality is enabled only for certain countries. Refer to SAP note- 2144221 for details.
The Include LFACIFSP- specified list of countries. For which the split functionality will be applicable once we activate the BADI as mentioned above. If the country is not listed in this include is not applicable for the split functionality.

If any country which is not listed here required to activate the split requires a custom intervention to add the country in the include. However, as per SAP’s best practice solutions, if we add the country manually, the purchase and sales ledgers will work incorrectly.

This blog provides an overall idea on how to activate the automated document split for an outgoing invoice which is triggering an FI document with more than 999+ items.