Cost Center Budget Availability Control – S/4 HANA 1909


This blog post details the configuration steps of Cost Center Budget and Commitment, which is the new functionalities introduced from On Premise solution – S/4 HANA 1909.

Budget availability control allows you to control budget consumption in cost centers, which you’re responsible for. It supports business processes, from budgeting to cost postings, and it offers specific budget reporting for the budget and cost-carrying objects

Configuration & Master Data Steps :

  1. Define Budget Planning profile
  2. Maintain Budget Availability Control profile for Cost centres
    • Maintain Account group
    • Maintain Tolerance
  3. Maintain Category for planning
  4. Define Budget check for categories

Through Fiori Apps only

  1. Global GL Account Hierarchies
  2. Manage Cost Center- For activation of Budget Control
  3. Import Financial Planning data- For Budget Preparation
  4. Cost Center Budget Reports
  1. Define Budget Planning profile

Define New Budget Planning profile or use existing profile. I have created COSTBD

  1. Maintain Budget Availability Control profile for Cost centers

Here you define Currency type either company code currency or Global currency for budget availability control, GL Account groups for budgeting and availability control, time range, Budget availability control tolerances, etc.

  • Maintain Account group

You can define as many group as you want based on requirement. Budget can be defined at the group level or individual GL levels. For example, company willing to control travel cost should define limit for Transport, Hotel Accommodation and other allowances. In such case, it is preferred to have budget defined at Account group Level.

GL Account Hierarchy has to be created in Fiori App – ‘Global GL Account Hierarchies’.  Please see step No.  5

Note: Account group maintained through above Fiori app can only be used in this step.

  • Maintain Tolerance group

For Every Account group, Tolerance can be maintained. Error and Warning Percentage should be maintain or just 100% error is also fine.

  1. Maintain Category for planning

In this step, you create categories for planning or you edit existing categories. The system uses categories to distinguish different sets of plan data. You can create different categories for different purposes, for example, for optimistic or pessimistic plan scenarios, for top-down or bottom-up planning or any other purpose. You can add as many categories as you need.

  1. Define Budget check for categories

In this step, you specify for each category, whether availability control or budget consistency checks are performed for budgets stored in that category.

  1. Maintain Account Group through Fiori App ‘Manage Global Hierarchies’

Create GL Account Hierarchy with same name as defined in profile in Fiori App

Tip: Please be careful with the description. Do not get confused with Description on the tile (Manage Global Hierarchies) and inner page Description (Manage Global Accounting Hierarchies). Do NOT USE the tile “Manage Global Accounting Hierarchies- for Liquidity Item’ as shown below

Tip : Refer to Note: 2778793 for contraints related to new Commitment Management solutions

  1. Go to Fiori App – Manage Cost center

After you’ve created the Budget Availability Control Profile, you can assign this profile to cost centers. Then, you can activate Budget Availability Control for these cost centers in the Manage Cost Centers app. Budget Availability Control can be performed on two different levels:

  • For each cost center with its own budget or
  • For a budget-carrying cost center, which has multiple cost centers assigned to it for actual cost postings.

Enter the below details:

  • Enter the Budget Availability Control Profile.
  • Enable Active Budget Availability Control.
  • Disable Lock Commitment Update for all cost centers that are budget-carrying cost centers or that are assigned to budget-carrying cost centers.

Activate Budget Availability control

Tip – It is advisable to click on ‘Display saved version’ after saving to ensure that Budget control is Activate. Common Errors in this step is – User forget to save or in case error encountered while saving, system still display the Budget control as active but it remain unsaved.

  1. Upload Cost Center Budget

You can maintain budgets for cost centers using different options. You can use the financial planning that is part of SAP Analytics Cloud or maintain the budget in a comma-separated values file (CSV file) and use the Import Financial Plan Data app to import budget data.

When you import your budget data, ensure that you use a posting period that you generally use for reporting. For example, when you import budget data with period 8, and you run the cost center budget report for year-to-date June 30, the budget that is loaded into period 8 isn’t displayed. Therefore, we recommend that you use posting period 1 when you import your budget data.

Download template before it

Tip: Keep first 3 rows as it is. Also DO NOT DELETE X FROM 3RD ROW

After you inserted the data, save it in .CSV format.

Error 1 – This error usually occur when you delete X from 3rd row.

Error 2  – This error usually occur if Cost Center Budget Control is not active in Cost center Master

  1. Cost Center Budget Report

  1. Cost center Report – S_ALR_87013611

To review the total posting in referred cost center. Please note that you’ll not see your budget amount here

  1. Posting Finance Document to check budget availability control

 Below Usecase is based on following parameter. 

  • Cost Center – CS06
  • GL – 610065
  • Budget – 90000 USD
  • Utilisation – 25000 USD

F-02 (Simulation)

Case I – Posting with Amount 60000 USD to trigger Warning

  1. Case II – Posting with Amount 70000 USD to trigger Error


Please refer below SAP Page for further help

When you post an expense to an account, which is included a group of cost accounts and that is assigned to the Budget Availability Control Profile, the available budget for this account group is checked. When the budget consumption exceeds a defined limit, the system responds with a warning or an error message based on the settings that are defined in the Budget Availability Control Profile. If you create a purchase requisition or a purchase order that is assigned to a cost center, a commitment is generated. This commitment reduces the available budget.

Overall, Cost Center Budget Control is an excellent tool for those companies not using Fund Management or other Budget Availability control, however looking to have tight control on direct/Indirect overheads or other kind of expenses for any specific period or entire fiscal year. Internal order as a functionality can be used for limited GLs & Cost center combination and not very scalable option.

Thanks! Any feedback/modification/improvement is welcome.