Hello All,

I am writing this blog post for steps to upgrade SAP UI5 patch. First, let us understand what patch is.

SAPUI5 is versioned as follows: <major version>.<minor version>.<patch level>

That means that, for example, SAPUI5 1.60.13 is major version 1, minor version 60 and patch level 13.


  • SAP UI5 1.60.1 check SAP NOTE: 2711925 – ABAP SAPUI5 1.60 release
  • Implement 2711925 if SAP_UI 753 SP is lower than SP02 if note implement failed to upgrade the SAPUI version to SP02 or higher.
  • Implement SAP NOTE 2614248 if SAP_UI 753 SP02
  • SAP_UI 753 SP03 or higher can direct upgrade.
  • SAP portal download access.


  • Check currently installed version of SAPUI5

    • Using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P in web application such as FIORI
      • Press and hold the following buttons in sequence on web portal: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P.
      • SAPUI5 releases show a modal pop up like the below

  • Check the target supported version and file name to download.
    • I am upgrading the patch to 1.60.25 which is the latest version.

    • Download the UI5 from the marketplace.

    • Select the file and click on the basket button or you can also directly download the file.

  • Upload the .zip for test upgrade.
    • If you want to update to a version, which is several versions higher than the existing one, then more time would be required for the update.
    • Set the parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time = 12000 using Transaction RZ11 to avoid “TIME_OUT” dump in ST22

    • Execute the report first in test mode.

    • It will take time and give the output.
    • If there are errors, contact SAP.
    • if the results are okay, start the actual upgrade.
  • Upload the .zip for the actual upgrade.
    • Upgrade the DEV Environment first.
    • Start transaction SE09 and create a Workbench Request

    • Start transaction SE38 and execute program /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME

    • Upload the patch file with TR No. to capture the changes.
    • This TR we can use to upgrade QAS and PRD environment.

    • Click on execute button to start the actual upgrade
    • Upgrade will take time.
  • Check the upgraded version
    • Check Using URL

    • You can also check Using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P

The upgrade is successfully completed.

All screenshots are taken by me at the time of activity.

  • Patch upgrade will fix the bugs which were in the previous version.
    • In my case, there was some issue on iOS mobile so SAP recommends upgrading it to the latest patch.
  • Changes are client independent and capture in workbench request which we will use to upgrade the landscape (DEV-QAS-PRD).

Thank you !!!