SAP Data Intelligence for Enterprise AI openSAP course re-opened with free certification

To make best use of our time while working from home, we decided to re-open the openSAP course on SAP Data Intelligence for Enterprise AI. This means that as of now, you can not only work through the entire course material and do the unit self-tests, but we even include the final course examination for free. By achieving more than 50% of the maximum number of points from the graded course assignment, you get the certification record of achievement. By completing at least 50% of the course material, you will receive a confirmation of participation. The course remains open until June 30.

SAP Data Intelligence is SAP’s new AI/data science platform for managing complex data landscapes, building scalable data pipelines, and provisioning the entire data science process. You’ll learn how to work with languages such as Python and R, open source libraries like TensorFlow, SAP HANA libraries PAL and APL, and SAP AI Business Services.

Find more details and register for your openSAP course SAP Data Intelligence for Enterprise AI today.

Here some fun facts about your fellow learners: In the 5 weeks of the first teach, we already had 17,000+ learners enrolled from 106 countries. 95 percent of them are professionals, and 10 percent of the learners are new learners at the openSAP platform and 16 percent are internal SAP colleagues. The top 5 countries are India, Germany, United States, Brazil, and South Africa. The average age of the learners is 38.2 years, with the youngest learner being 17 years old, and the oldest 76 years.

Enjoy this learning experience,
Puntis & Matthias