Cloud-based VPN to access behind-the-firewall applications for remote employees

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing organizations to adopt remote work models on an accelerated timeline. One of the biggest challenges that many organizations are facing: their existing VPN solutions are set up to only accommodate a small percentage of their workforce, because most employees haven’t typically worked remotely. That is shifting dramatically, as organizations converge on a 100% remote workforce. Existing VPN setups are struggling to scale to accommodate the massive increase in load — and they’re certainly not doing it in a fast enough or a cost-efficient manner.

Cloudflare for Teams can help solve that. And we’re offering Cloudflare for Teams at no cost to organizations of all sizes through September 1, 2020 (to see how, see the end of this post).

How Cloudflare for Teams works

Cloudflare for Teams includes Cloudflare Access, which enables you to transform any behind-the-firewall application — including SAP applications — to a full zero trust model on the Internet, so that remote employees are able to securely access those applications from anywhere around the world. The advantage is they can access these applications without connecting to a VPN. Cloudflare built this product for itself, and we’re using it across a wide range of VPN-only applications: not just SAP applications, but also the Atlassian suite and also custom developed in-house applications. A number of organizations have moved their behind-the-firewall applications on to Access in order to lower the load on their VPN for widely-used applications.

Cloudflare for Teams also includes Cloudflare Gateway, designed to keep remote devices secure.

The legacy approach:

Cloudflare for Teams:

How to leverage this offer of help:
Cloudflare is offering Cloudflare for Teams to organizations of any size at no cost through September 1 to help with this. The program includes an optional 30-minute onboarding session with a technical expert.

To learn more about Teams and take advantage of this offer, please visit

From here, you can either fill out the form or begin the sign-up process and schedule an on boarding session.