IBM Cloud Pak for Data DataOps capabilities grow with innovative technology partners

As an open, Kubernetes-based, data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data integrates with an array of technology solutions that enhance organizations’ ability to make their data ready for AI. Among those core to the platform are DataOps capabilities that help operationalize data protection, data quality and findability, and governing rules in order to provide a self-service data pipeline to the right people at the right time from any source.

From solutions that facilitate governing data lakes to application development to ensuring regulatory compliance — IBM DataOps quickly and responsibly puts increased performance and business innovation within reach because you know, trust and use your data. Analysts, like Gartner and Forrester, have recognized Watson Knowledge Catalog and InfoSphere DataStage services within Cloud Pak for Data as leading capabilities, so partnering with innovative data solution partners makes the Cloud Pak for Data ecosystem stronger than ever. IBM has been a driving force in the evolution of open source technology, helping enterprises create, adopt and scale to serve their business goals – partners contribute to the success and promise to bring together the best AI and DataOps offerings for clients. 

IBM DataOps is excited to partner with:


Forward-looking businesses see the writing on the wall — they need new ways of mining data to make strategic business decisions and differentiate themselves. And unstructured data just might be the gold they’re looking for. But unstructured data is notoriously difficult to collect and analyze. The answer: combine best-in-class Cloud Content Management from Box with industry-leading AI technology from IBM Watson, like Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan, to generate business-changing insights. That’s how you become a truly intelligent digital business.


The data preparation bottleneck in data lake and data warehouse environments is pervasive today. IBM and Trifacta’s shared vision that the tools, methodologies and organizational structures that businesses utilize for data management must evolve to improve the velocity, quality and reliability of analytics led to the joint development of InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation.

“This collaboration will empower organizations to accelerate data preparation for self-service analytics in a governed and centrally managed environment,” says Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta. Later this year, an integration between Watson Knowledge Catalog services for Cloud Pak for Data and InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation will be added to bring automated data preparation to the broad user ecosystem of the platform.


High-quality address data is a critical part of doing business. Organizations that do business in multiple countries or regions must maintain the quality of address data across different postal standards and languages. IBM InfoSphere QualityStage, a core component of IBM DataStage services on Cloud Pak for Data, simplifies the implementation of international postal standards with the Address Verification Interface, which enables customers to maintain consistent views of key entities including customers, vendors, locations, and products powered by Loqate’s address reference data for over 245 countries and territories.

“As organizations look to accelerate their journey to the cloud leveraging AI to transform how their business operates, they will look to solutions like IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Loqate will be there supporting IBM and powering the location data components of the platform,” says Justin Duling, Senior VP, Loqate.


Not being able to access trusted data is a major risk in the world of application development and digital transformation. Accelerating time to market is key to maintaining the speed and agility needed to be successful in today’s dynamic business environment. Actifio and IBM developed InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline to provide a single, radically simple solution to efficiently virtualize all copies of production data with embedded data protection policies for application development and testing.

“We have had a relationship with IBM for years, and no other company understands data-driven enterprise user needs better than IBM,” says Ash Ashutosh, founder and CEO, Actifio. “This latest chapter in our alliance advances our ability to help customers as they undertake data-driven application transformation initiatives and truly leverage their data as a strategic asset.”

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